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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Earrings - and a giveaway

Ok...I promised a giveaway like three months ago and have failed to follow through.

Failed is a harsh word - but I guess if it's true...

So - here is what I'll do - I am gonna post pics of the earrings I made this week (they are also on FB - haven't listed anything new on lately) then I will pick two pairs to have in my giveaway!!!

Sound good?  ummm...since I can't *hear* your reply, I will assume that you said "yes, that sounds wonderful!!!"


OK - that took entirely too long - my computer took over an hour to put these photos here and I am irritable now!!!

So - for the giveaway earrings!!!  How about these two pairs?

To enter -
  • follow my blog
  • leave a comment under this post telling me you follow my blog (1 entry)
  • post a tweet about the giveaway and put a copy of it here in a comment (1 entry)
  • post a comment about it on facebook and put a copy of the post here in a comment (1 entry)
I will draw a name on Sunday, August 14th!!!  YAY  :)


  1. Ahh, those are cute giveaway earrings! I actually was thinking about how much I liked the red ones before I got to the giveaway part, haha. <3

    Wellll... you know I follow your blog, haha. I just tweeted about the giveaway, too (@missikrisi).

    All of your earrings are super cute. There are other earrings up there that I really like... keep me posted if you decide to sell them.

    Take care dear! <3

  2. Btw...all the earrings are for sale except for the cats and the two pairs for giveaway. $7 per pair. I havent listed them yet because I will have them at the farmers market this weekend.

    If you are interested let me know :)

  3. I love this image and the earrings. So qute!! Looks immensely stylish and elegant. Brilliant designs and complete collection of fashionable women’s accessories. There is, of course, certain elegance in discretion, but sometimes more is more.... yellow & redish together look so flattering…
    Charlie Jade Dress


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