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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Here they are!

Here is what I have made so far from my new - "not my usual beads" - purchase!

I had so much fun and only wish I had more lots more.

I stayed up late last night putting these together...I finally went to bed when I started dropping every bead I picked up lol

 These are the big pottery flower beads and the bronze diamond beads that I bought yesterday.
 I put them with some black, glass pearls and some simulated turquoise rondelles - then I added some tiny metal spacers
this picture shows the rondelles better, not as much glare
 this is the "matching" bracelet
 These are pottery beads and the metal swirl beads from yesteday - I added the hematite beads I bought yesterday and some small round metal beads

 The necklace has pretty much the same design as the bracelet - I love this necklace.  I think the beads go together wonderfully!

All of the beads in this bracelet were from my purchases yesterday.  The only pieces I added from my stash at home are the tiny flat metal spacers - well, and the toggle  :)

 ok...again - the two big beads are from my purchases yesterday and I added some hematite (also from yesterday - got a lot of mileage out of the hematite :)  then I added some spacers - I put an extension on this one of 3" for anyone who wants a longer necklace of my favorites!!!  I am NOT a girly girl - at least I don't think so (I've been wrong before) but I love the flowers!!!  This is definitely a summer necklace to me!
ok...that's it for now.  I guess I'm gonna go and use the rest of my new beads!

maybe I can draw them out and make them last a few more days.  One necklace per day sort of thing.  we will see!

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  1. I really like the one with the pottery and metal beads and the last one. They look really good! <3

    I can't wait for my days off, haha...


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