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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The giveaway

Okay...nobody has entered my giveaway for the past several days, and that's really bummed me out. :( (this is my pause to give you time to realize how bad you feel for me) soooo... I know the lack of millions of entrants can't be because people aren't interested in the beautiful necklace that I have created, so I figured that it must be that

A) I don't have enough pictures
B) The pictures I do have aren't good enough

because the necklace is remarkably beautiful...I'm not's so stunning that I gasp every time I see it!!!)

So I have decided to take some more pictures, and post them here for your viewing, so you can ask yourself "why haven't I entered this giveaway yet!?!?!"

So go read the post about the giveaway and start leaving comments to enter!


  1. I can't believe that nobody has entered for that gorgeous piece of jewelry! I have had computer issues and just got back, can you consider this an entry? I have the PERFECT outfit to wear with that necklace!!!


  2. Lisa

    A few people have entered under the other post and yes I count it as an entry as long as you follow my blog. :)


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