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Thursday, April 28, 2011!.!.

I had to tear my hands away from the beads, pliers, and wire and force them to go to work pricing and tagging all of the jewelry for the Texas Avenue Maker's Fair this Saturday.

Fun? Ummmm....Negative. Exciting? Weeellll...a little because I'm a nerd and love playing with numbers. But guess what?!?!? I'm DONE!!!

I have come to the conclusion that I will not be a millionaire by Saturday evening (a goal you will be aware of if you read my blog - including my amazingly witty comments) but I could possibly be a hundredaire!

While being a hundredaire is not as thrilling as being a millionaire - it is a step in the right direction!!!

I'll be back to making more jewelry next week...but the rest of this week and weekend are gonna be busy for sure.

After work (yay) tomorrow - I shall run home to draw the name of the winner for my very first ever giveaway!!! Then it will be on to a sleepless night anticipating the fair!!!

If your in the area...come by and see me Saturday. You can find out the location by searching for Texas Avenue Maker's Fair.

Make sure to check back tomorrow night to see who wins the necklace!!!

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