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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hobby Lobby and Michaels purchases!

these are little glass beads to go with the black and copper roses

stamps to go with the stamping blanks below

big black beads - gem cut

small gem cut copper beads

teensy rondelles

large metal beads

bails for the cloth rose from the first post ad stamping blanks!

jet (black) gem cut beads with purple coloring

Now for Michaels!
I's a bug...but it's cute!

some clasps

awesome chain that I am gonna make into a cool bracelet 

wire wapped glass pendant

two cool pendants.  check out the one on the left  I LOVE it!

wire pendant and future earrings

well...that's it...the only other thing I got is a fleur dis lis pendandt for me!  I'll post that after I have made a necklace for it!

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