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Monday, April 11, 2011

The.Giveaway! duh-dun-duh-duh!

Imagine that last part as the trumpets that they do on shows when the queen enters...anway!

There is really only ONE rule...well...maybe two
Rule 1: you have to follow my blog to enter
Rule 2: you have to post comments below for each entry

So...I know you are saying...SO WHAT! GET TO THE GIVEAWAY!

Here are the ways you can enter!

1) Follow my blog and post a comment below telling me you follow my blog (yes, redundant I know...but what if I forgot to count you just because you follow???) - ONE entry per person
2) Follow me on Twitter (see the link to the left) then post a comment below telling me that you followed me and what your Twitter name is - ONE entry per person
3) Like me on Faceook (see the link to the left) and post a comment below telling me that you liked me along with your name on Facebook - ONE entry per person
4) Tweet about this giveaway!  Post a link to this giveaway on Twitter along with a comment about the giveaway - then post a copy of that tweet below, including the date information - One entry, per person, per day (this means you can do this daily and enter however many days you tweeted about it)
5) Share this giveaway on Facebook - Post a link to this giveaway on Facebook along with a comment about the giveaway - then post a copy below, including the date information - One entry, per person, per day (this means you can do this daily and enter however many days you shared it) now for the time that the giveaway will be running. 

I think we will have the drawing on April 29th!  I am going to be at the Texas Avenue Maker's Fair all day on the 30th so I will hopefully be too busy to be drawing anything that day!!!

So what's left...hmmmm...I think that's it.

Oh yeah!  What is the drawing for!!!   I chose this necklace!  It's one of my favorites that I recently made.

The pendant is made of shell, it's 2 1/2 inches from top to bottom and has a beautiful pearly white background with a black rose on it.
All of the beads are glass or hematite.
I used a mixture of all diferent shapes and sizes in black, white, and the hematite.
The length of the necklace is 30".
The closure is a scrolly, fancy toggle clasp. can start entering today! 

please let me know if anything is confusing or unclear...and good luck! lase thing - if the first name drawn is a friend or family member - I will draw again until I draw the name of someone that I do not know other than as a follower on my blog. 



  1. Hi :) I now follow your blog, and found you on Twitter! (beadsbotjen) Will retweet about this, lovely necklace! Jenelle

  2. Hi - I follow via Google.

    clenna at aol dot com

  3. new GFC follower! This is really pretty. :)

    tnshadylady at

  4. i follow! i tweet! i facebook!

  5. Thank you Jenelle, Clenna, and Deb!!!

    I'm so gla you posted! Don't forget you can tweet or facebook about this giveaway daily for more chances to win.

    And thank you for saying the necklace is pretty!!! That made me smile :D YAY!!!

  6. followed you first on twitter and now I'm a blog follower. Good luck to your show.

  7. Followed you and I will tweet it for you. I am having a giveaway on my face page that ends today come on over a like my page a enter!

  8. I follow on Twitter also.... @cherylsbeadwork

  9. Yay Jaydemia, Me, and Cheryl! Thanks for entering :)

  10. I am a new GFC follower and your work is beautiful!


  11. I follow you on twitter and that is how I learned about your giveaway!


  12. I liked you on FB

    Marketa Olver

  13. I tweeted your Giveaway to my 2300+ followers

    4/21 5:42 by mgfashion

  14. I follow :) In fairness, I just forgot to comment once I read this first time round lol.
    cbrookes at live dot co dot uk

  15. I follow your blog ;)

    Beautiful creations btw...

  16. This giveaway is amazing... I will tweet out to my followers also! Good Luck ;)

  17. Of course I follow you on twitter ;) I mean who wouldn't? TeeHee!!!

  18. I love all your items but this is my favorite...


    the chain link necklace on the flicker slideshow. Tried to leave a comment but it would take my Google account so... I'll leave it here!

    Much Love and Good Luck! You are very talented ;)

  19. I follow you via GFC as Lucky's Luna


  20. I'm follow you on twitter as @luckysluna

  21. I tweeted April 29th!/luckysluna/status/63989303566544897


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