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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Creativity...or not

I always love crafting and creating something new...but there are, inevitably, days when I just am not feeling it!  Sometimes, those sneaky days morph into a week...and...I shudder to say...every now and then a month...or two.

I always come back to my jewelry, and after finishing that first peice I always ask myself why...why!!! do I let myself go so long without doing something creative and crafty???

I always feel happier and more productive when I make something that I can be proud of. 

Unfortunately, there really are those days that I could sit and stare at my beads, move them around on the table...take them out, put them away...and...nothing.  It's like my brain just won't do it.

Other days, I sit down and ideas are zooming around in my brain too fast for me to grab them all.  I'll sit down to see what my hands make...and eight hours later go stumbling to my bed with a sore butt (from all the sitting) and tired hands...but happier for it all.

So I am making myself a deal...I will at least visit with my beads once a week...even if I put them back in their containers the same way they came out.  Sometimes just looking at all the colors and touching them brings ideas! 

I think we all get too caught up in life sometimes and forget about the simple things that make our lives more enjoyable!  Beading is definitely one of those things for me! next two projects...

well...I guess they will have to wait for tomorrow night.  I seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties with my pictures  :(

Thanks to my new followers!!!  I love you...well, love is a strong word...but I do like you...really I do!!!

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