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Monday, March 28, 2011


I took today off of one of my jobs...yes, there's more than one fun-prevention in my life...

I used my fun time today to take LOTS of glorious pictures of jewelry that I haven't listed.

I think that most jewelry maker people are the same way, but I hate the picture taking and Etsy listing process...but I don't have a shop other than Etsy and I haven't found anyone to do the boring part for me (tho my fingers are crossed) so...

I took lots of pictures today and had visions in my head of people seeing them and messaging all their friends and telling them they really have to follow my blog and being at like 30 followers by bedtime tonight.

But...I forgot how long it takes just to get decent pics and then how long it takes to upload them to my truly ancient laptop, not to mention listing on Etsy which takes like 5 hours for each listing. So the world will have to exist for another day or two or five without the benefit of my wonderful jewelry...and I will have to close my eyes tonight without the benefit of millions of followers.

I also kinda forgot I had to go to my second job tonight. :( Sad face is not strong enough.

So check back tomorrow and the next day (really everyday...yes everyday) to see the wonderful pics I took today.

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