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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Woo Hoo or woohoo or whatever

I feel like I actually accomplished something!  I have listed a lot of new items...and still have more to list.  Man am I tired of editing pictures!  :(

If there are any really hot guys out there who want to edit my pictures and list all my items on Etsy (for free) send me a msg.  No?  ok...anyone?   oh well.

Although the listing is not my forte (I used to play the I can use that word) I did get lots of listing work done!  yayayayyay!

Go click on my listings so I can look at it tomorrow morning and say  whuuuut?  50 million people looked at my listing???  I ROCK!

I'm gonna say that to myself tomorrow morning, no matter how many people have looked at my listings...because, to be honest...I do R-O-C-K...but it would be nice to have some concrete proof to provide...just in case my status is challenged.

sooooo...I'm super duper tired...and although I could totally go to sleep right now I most likely won't...but I'm going to use that as an excuse to quit talking to you right now...yawn.

I love you all!  (like) 

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