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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Here it is...

It's finished!  And my friend loves it!

To are some pics of he necklaces from last night after I took them apart.

 Abov are the components of the fist two necklaces from the post last night.  Those were the two sort necklaces with all the smll sections of chain.  I ended up with the two necklaces, a bunch of beads and jump rings and 18 short sections of chain.

The picture above is the second necklace from last night.  I took off all the beads.  I ended up with two long chains, two medium lengths and four tiny sections.

 I added some silver chain from my own are the pics of those chains

So...I started by sorting the black chain by size, then adding the short pieces together.  I ended up with quite a few chains.  I started with the thickest silver chain as my base and started adding chains using jump rings.

There isn't much more to say...except that I know the lighting on these pictures isn't that great.  I will try to take some better pics tomorrow. 

See below for the finished necklace!

Here is a pic of the bottom of the necklace

The entire neclace

The mixture of chains

A close up on the chains.

Like I said...I will try to take some better lighted pics tomorrow. 

I showed it to my friend and she loves it.  Tell me what you think!

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