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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My first blog!

Ok...I am computer savvy...or I at least consider myself to be, but this will be my first blog!  I am creating this blog to share some of my creative process and pictures of the beginning stages of some of my pieces. 

All of the jewelry that I create is one of a kind.  I couldn't make an exact duplicate of most of my peices if I wanted to...and the only way I will make something similar is if it's requested.  That is one of the best parts of creating jewelry!  When I finish a peice, I can move on to something new and it's never boring!

I have planned some fun things for down the road...including drawings for people who subscribe to my blog!

If you like jewelry - wearing it and/or making it - you should definitely follow my blog.  Even if you hate should follow my blog!  You could win some jewelry and give it to someone who does like jewelry!!! we go!

I bought these necklaces and earrings at a local jewelry store this weekend.  I am always looking for pieces that I can take apart and use to create something new.

I will show each piece, along with the beads from my own stash (which is considerable) that will go into creating a new, one of a kind piece of jewelry!

I love the four glass pendants that I got.  They are easy to remove from the leather-cord necklace that they came on and glass pendants are great for making a beautiful necklace.  The earrings have these huge hearts on them that I think will be great pendants because of their size.  The two black and white pieces will be mixed together when I get to them.  I love that huge circle pendant, it's shell with a design printed on it.

I only use items for my jewelry that I know will last for a very long time, as long as it is taken care glass peices are perfect!  The color is in the glass, so it won't wear off, stain your skin, and leave you with a white bead.

Here is what I chose for my first project from my new goodies!  The heart pendant you will recognize from the picture above.  The othe beads came from my supplies. 

I used a few different shades of red, but stayed with the deeper colors.  I also put in a few grey beads because I love the silver accent in the middle of the heart.  All of these beads are individually added to what are called head pins, they are like very thin nails.  After each one is secured to a pin, I can add it to the chain necklace.  I tried something new on this necklace, I created little "bunches" of beads.  I think it turned out great.  Check out the finished product on my Etsy page and let me know what you think by using the link below!!!

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