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Friday, March 25, 2011

Exciting developement!!!

I have wonderful news!!!  Well, it's wonderful to me at least. 

I love, love, love making custom pieces.  If you tell me...I want a necklace like...this (insert your own ideas here) and give me a couple length, colors, number of strands...and then let me go with it...I LOVE it

So...this morning, my friend (who has a blog that I will mention in a you feel the suspense?) texted me and said "hey...could I buy one of your pieces and do a giveaway on my blog"  (it was something like that) and I said..." about I give you a piece to give away"  then I said "hey again...what about if I make it to be themed after your blog"    she said " are the smartest person ever in the whole wide world" (I may have imagined that part...but I'm not sure) and I was like..."hey, I am huh" now, I would love to know how many times you thought to yourself  "hay is for horses" but I would also love to share my friends blog name with you.

Her blog can be found....drumroll

So...back on track...

I am going to make a really cool necklace for Sara and she will give it to some lucky (very) follower on her blog!!!  Please remember that Sara may very well decide that she must, MUST keep this awesome necklace once it is done...but you can get mad at her about that.

So...check out her blog if you want to have a chance to win this totally unique; never, ever to be repeated necklace directly from Sara of will see pics soon of the charm that will be used...and updates as I make progress on the necklace. last time...check it out


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