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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let's try this again...

So, last night I was super excited to post a couple of new pictures of some pieces that I am working on...and I couldn't get the computer to upload the pictures no matter what I did!!!

I have been excited all day to get home and try again!  Side note: I think jobs are made to keep us from doing the fun things we want to do!!!

So...I am home, and I'm about to try again...keep your fingers crossed!!!

Yay!  Do you recognize the heart?  Look back at the first picture I posted and you will see that it used to be attached to an earring.  It looked a little like this -

Now...yes, I know that I'm not the very best picture taker!  I know the flash caused a bit of a discolored area on these, but they are silvertone (which is a fancy way of say silver colored but not real silver!)

So I took the hearts off of the earrings...which were clip by the way.  I could never rock earrings this big!  But power to the people who can!  You go!

I decided on purple beads because...I don't know...they were calling out to me!

So...I decided I would try doing the cluster, dangles like I did on the read one in the first post.

Pictures of the finished product are on their way...

Number 2...

The big beads in the back, right...I got those for my birthday from a really good friend!  They are resin...not glass, but quality none the less.  The ones at the bottom right...I got in New Orleans on my vacation!  YAY!

I decided to add some glass seed beads in different shades of brown and strand or two...hmmmm.

I will post the finshed necklaces tomorrow after my *fun-preventing* work!

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