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Thursday, March 31, 2011

I just realized...

that I never posted that picture of the bracelet that I had promised to post.  Well, I really think the word "promise" is maybe too strong possibly...I think.

However...I have realized that I don't know what kind of bracelet I would offer to you, my wonderful, loving, adoring followers.   Wait a second...what do you mean you don't adore me.  We'll discuss that later I guess.  *snff snff* I was saying...I have some ideas, and I think I will post a couple of examples.  If anyone decides to take me up on my challenge...then you will be able to choose a bracelet and I will make you one very similar.  I can't say I will make you one exactly the same because part of the nature of handmade is that no two items are the same.

The example above is made with large beads, but could be smaller as well

The freshwater pearls can be paired with just about any charm for a cute bracelt

pink and black pearls...I could also do other colors

This is actually a picture of a necklace...but I could do something similar for a bracelet are some examples for your free bracelet...if you choose to accept my challenge.

****fine print
I will give you color, size, clasp, and charm options

Good night everyone!  I love (like) you so much!

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