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Saturday, March 26, 2011 friend

said tonight that she wanted a necklace with black in it...and she wanted it I said "let's go shopping"

Off to the store we go.  We went to this local store that sells a lot of jewelry for between $1 and $5...I love to get their stuff and take it apart and make something new.  I had seen some necklaces with black colored chain in different sizes.

To buy chain in three or four different sizes at the craft store would cost more than getting a few necklaces and adding the lengths together, plus, the craft stores don't generally carry black chain and if they do they may have one size. 

I tell her, on the way to the store, that I think (and I am very good at thinking) that she needs a necklace with a large pendant.  See..she doesn't like to wear anything that has color...well I guess white is a color and she may or may not wear white underwear...we aren't close enough for me to know for sure.  Oh...and I think she accidentally bought a dark purple shirt once...she probably thought it was black.

Anyhow...I told her I think she needs a large black (because I know she won't wear it otherwise) pendant...I think that it would make her jewelry stand out a bit. will see in the pictures below that she purchased four necklaces.

the two above are multi-chain, with a few can see all the different sizes of chain.  I will take them apart to make fewer strands that are longer.  I'm guessing the end length will be about 30 inches or so.

The necklace above (two pics, one necklace) is about 30 inches or's only two strands of chain.  I will remove the beads...and detangle the necklace of course!   :)

So those three necklaces will be the base for the necklace my friend first requested.  I will put it together with some silver chain and possibly some black/grey beads. 

This necklace...

is the one that she picked out because she realizes that my thinking abilities (as mentioned above) are awesome...and she definitely needs a necklace with a large pendant.  I took a close up pic of the necklace because it has some nice little shell beads in it...those are the ones that look like chunks.  The pendant is shell and has a gradient look...from a grey to black.

So...I will be working on this necklace and can't wait to show you the results!!!

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